The minimum age for Unhinge the Ninja has now been changed from 10yrs to 8 year olds!!! This is due to our proven safety record as approved by KidSafe.

So if you have an 8 or 9 yo that has been hanging to try our senior Ninja course (including the warped wall!) then head on down and try it out!

A custom designed indoor Ninja obstacle course which is off the hook

Designed and built by Australian Ninja Warrior hero Sam Goodall, aka Tradie Ninja. This 2 level course (advanced and intermediate) has many of the iconic ninja obstacles such as the warped wall, chimney climb, peg board, salmon ladder, cliffhanger and more.

It’s up to you how you approach this space… challenging fun, rigorous workout, or even join our competition night and one day maybe compete in Australian Ninja Warrior.

Ages 8 and over including adults (younger kids can try our junior ninja course and climbing wall within Monkey Bunker).


Casual Entry

Adult $18 (1.5 hour fixed daily session times)
Child*/Concession $15 (1.5 hour fixed daily session times)

Add on Boulder Island entry $5

*8 years and older

CLOSED IN SHOES are required for Ninja activities.         

Sports shoes recommended.

We sell training gloves for $10 (can also be used bike riding etc)

Ninja Workshop with Sam

Coming Soon!

Gift Voucher

Value Packs

5 packs - 3 month expiry
10 packs - 6 month expiry

Adult Price

5 pack $80
10 pack $140


5 pack $65
10 pack $110

*8 years and older, including teenagers and adults.                                                Children aged 8 and under can book into our junior Ninja course included in Monkey Bunker (also designed by Tradie Ninja Sam). 8-10 year olds can choose which course they prefer.

Session Times

Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday

Session 1 - 9am -11:45am
Session 2 - 12pm -1:30pm
Session 3 - 1:45pm -3:15pm
Session 4 - 3:30pm -5pm
Session 5 - 5:15pm -6:45pm


Session 1 - 9am -11:45am
Session 2 - 12pm -1:30pm
Session 3 - 1:45pm -3:15pm
Session 4 - 3:30pm -5pm (Ninja comp 10-13 yrs)
Session 5 - 5:15pm -7:15pm (Adult Ninja competition night 14 yrs+)


Session 1 - 9am -10:30am
Session 2 - 10:45am -12:15pm
Session 3 - 12:30pm -2pm
Session 4 - 2:15pm -3:45pm
Session 5 - 4pm -5:30pm


Session 1 - 10am -11:30am
Session 2 - 11:45am -1:15pm
Session 3 - 1:30pm -3pm
Session 4 - 3:15pm -4:45pm

First timers need to complete our online safety waiver before attending.

We recommend doing this prior to arriving in order to save yourself time.

                                                                                                                           You only have to do this your first time.

                                                                                                                               No need to sign it if only playing Mini-Golf.