A secret and super cool adventure playground that is truly next level.

Built around a massive timber submarine with working dials, levers, ropes and pulleys plus a junior ninja course and climbing wall guaranteed to challenge any monkey up to 12 years old : )


Monkey Bunker entry price includes junior Ninja course and junior climbing wall

Casual Entry

Age 1-4 $10  (1.5 hour fixed daily session times*) 
Age 5-12 $12  (1.5 hour fixed daily session times*)   

ADULTS SUPERVISE FREE, NO NEED TO PURCHASE A TICKET                                                 

*Weekday morning sessions run for 2.5 hrs (school holidays excluded)

Add on Workshop entry $8

It is suggested that 12 year olds begin on the junior Ninja course and work their way up to the senior Ninja course

CLOSED IN SHOES are required for Kids activities.                     

Sports shoes recommended

Classes & Workshops

After school Ninja & Climbing class running for 6 weeks Wednesdays 3:30 - 5pm

Start date Wednesday 29th July 2020

End Date Wednesday 2nd September 2020

$16 per class

Session Times

Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday

Session 1 - 9am -11:45am
Session 2 - 12pm -1:30pm
Session 3 - 1:45pm -3:15pm
Session 4 - 3:30pm -5pm
Session 5 - 5:15pm -6:45pm


Session 1 - 9am -11:45am
Session 2 - 12pm -1:30pm
Session 3 - 1:45pm -3:15pm
Session 4 - 3:30pm -5pm (Ninja comp 10-13 yrs)
Session 5 - 5:15pm -7:15pm (Adult Ninja competition night 14 yrs+)


Session 1 - 9am -10:30am
Session 2 - 10:45am -12:15pm
Session 3 - 12:30pm -2pm
Session 4 - 2:15pm -3:45pm
Session 5 - 4pm -5:30pm


Session 1 - 10am -11:30am
Session 2 - 11:45am -1:15pm
Session 3 - 1:30pm -3pm
Session 4 - 3:15pm -4:45pm

First timers need to complete our online safety waiver before attending.

We recommend doing this prior to arriving in order to save yourself time.

                                                                                                                                           You only have to do this your first time.

                                                                                                                                       No need to sign if only playing Mini-Golf.